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The Star Apple Foundation Inc., organized in the State of Florida, is a Public Charity under IRC 501(c)(3) as determined by the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service(IRS).

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What We Are is dedicated to the economic empowerment of women and the development of youth in the underserved communities of the Bahamas so that they can reach their full potential, realise their individual rights, and achieve gender equality.


Explore the dynamic world of leadership in the context of economic empowerment. Meet women who have not only excelled in their fields but have also paved the way for others, showcasing the transformative power of economic independence.

What We Do

Delve into the initiatives at the core of Star Apple World’s economic empowerment efforts. From skill-building programs to entrepreneurship support, explore how we are dedicated to creating opportunities for women to thrive in the economic landscape.

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Archipelago wide Guide to Resources and Services in the Bahamas

Star Apple is working to provide a comprehensive online Guide to Services and Resources in the Bahamas. This Guide is designed to help women and the youth in the underserved communities of the Bahamas access needed low- or no-cost social services, programs, and resources. If you or your organization wishes to be listed on our site, please contact us at Include your address, phone number and website, as well as the island and community in which the service is located. All applicants will be vetted.