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Our Founder

Mildred is an entrepreneur and a top-level executive with extensive international experience. She is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders of Noontide. Her entrepreneurial spirit and a genius for creating inclusive solutions underpins her accomplishments. In addition to her business career in construction, real estate, renewable energy and manufacturing she has also been a personal advisor to a President and represented his Nations interests in Washington DC and around the world. She is the epitome of courage, passion and has a deep sense of caring for people. Her philanthropic efforts in Haiti began after the earthquake in 2010. To this day she spearheads efforts to bring electricity to communities which have never had electric power. In her home country of the Bahamas she has a charitable foundation which empowers women.

Our Board

Our five member board is made up of community leaders who understand that a prosperous Bahamas and a healthy society must include women and the youth in the underserved communities of the Bahamas.